A native of Iwate Prefecture, Takuboku died at 26 years of age. He was a poet.

1886 20th February Takuboku's Birth

Takuboku Ishikawa was born at Jokoji Temple in Iwate Gun Hinoto village (Now known as Tamayama Village Hinoto).
However some believe that his birth date was actually the 27th October 1885.
His given name was Hajime.
His father - Ittei - was a resident priest of a Buddhist temple.

1887 Takuboku at 1 Year of Age

Takuboku moved to Hotokuji Temple in Shibutami Village on account of his father's transfer between temples.

1888 20th December Takuboku at 2 Years of Age

Takuboku's younger sister Mutsuko was born.

1891 Takuboku at 5 Years of Age

Takuboku is admitted into Iwate Gun Shibutami Jinjo Primary School (now known as Shibutami Primary School).

1895 Takuboku at 9 Years of Age

Graduating from the Jinjo Primary School, Takuboku enters Morioka Upper Elementary School (now known as Shimonobashi Junior High School).
He meets Kyosuke Kindaichi.

1898 Takuboku at 12 Years of Age

Takuboku is admitted into Iwate Prefectural Morioka Junior High School (now known as Morioka Dai Ichi High School).
At Junior High, Takuboku, influenced by Kyosuke Kindaichi, his teacher - Sogo Oi, and senior - Osakazu Nomura, furthers his interest in the literary field.

1899 Takuboku at 13 Years of Age

Takuboku moves into the 2nd grade and meets Setsuko Horiai.

1902 Takuboku at 16 Years of Age

Takuboku leaves Junior High School.
It is said that his motivation to leave school was based on his being punished for cheating during an exam.
In November he travels to Tokyo and visits Tekkan Yosano.

1903 Takuboku at 17 Years of Age

In February Takuboku returns home due to illness.

1904 Takuboku at 18 Years of Age

Takuboku's poems are published in 'Myojo' and 'Jidai Shicho'.
He gains a reputation as an exciting new poet.
In October Takuboku travels to Tokyo in order to publish his first book of poetry - 'Akogare'.

1905 Takuboku at 19 Years of Age

In May 'Akogare' is published.
Takuboku marries Setsuko Horiai.
In September he publishes the magazine 'Shotenchi'.

1906 Takuboku at 20 Years of Age

In April Takuboku gains employment as a relief teacher at Shibutami Primary School.
In December his first daughter Kyoko is born.

1907 Takuboku at 21 Years of Age

In May Takuboku moves to Hakodate with his younger sister Mitsuko.
He lives separately from his family.

1908 Takuboku at 22 Years of Age

Takuboku continues to work as a journalist in Sapporo, Otaru and Kushiro.
In April he travels to Tokyo.

1909 Takuboku at 23 Years of Age

Takuboku brings his wife, child and mother to Tokyo.

1910 Takuboku at 24 Years of Age

In October, his first son - Shinichi is born.
In October, he publishes his book of poetry - 'Ichiaku no Suna'.

1911 Takuboku at 25 Years of Age

In February Takuboku is admitted into hospital with chronic peritonitis.
His condition continues to deteriorate.

1912 Takuboku at 26 years of Age

On the 13th of April Takuboku dies from pulmonary tuberculosis.
His works - 'Kanashiki Gangu', is published in June 1912.